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At A To Z Car Care, we have a true desire to work on these American beauties. We have the right diagnostic tools as well as the experience to handle not only the necessary maintenance but also any serious work that is needed. Your Corvette requires special attention to its unique maintenance issues, especially as your performance vehicle ages. Wear and tear items typically fail a bit quicker on Corvettes, as they do on all performance vehicles, due to the more aggressive style of driving and composition of the part. Brakes and tires are a much softer design to provide more stopping power and traction to the road. As a result, they tend to wear out a bit quicker than their counterparts. Tires need to be properly inflated, rotated, and balanced to reduce the risk of failure and also to save money. Performance cars require mechanics that perform.

Service and Repair of Corvette Performance Vehicles

 Our experienced technicians have the knowledge, passion, and diagnostic tools necessary to ensure that your Corvette receives the attention to detail that it deserves. Keep your Corvette running smoothly with A To Z Car Care on your side. Call or drop to talk about your performance Corvette today.

Some top Corvette cars we service include the ZR1, Z06, Grand Sport, and the Classic Corvette.

Utilizing our experience and education

Our founder, Tommy, is an all-around passionate guy who lives and breathes all things automotive! Starting out very young, even owning his first classic car at the age of 18, his automotive career has led him through a 30+ year journey of hands-on experience including diagnosis and repair, service, design, welding, fabrication, sheet-metal repair, engine and drive-train performance and tuning, electrical wiring, racing, extensive amounts of higher education, numerous credentials, certifications, and the list goes on!

Utilizing our experience and education in both new and old vehicles, our shop offers a unique approach, incorporating modern technology and comfort wherever possible into Classic Muscle Cars and Vintage Hot Rods. If you want your classic ride to have that extra edge above the rest look no further than A To Z Car Care. We are your classic car solution!

We look forward to working with you!

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