c5 Corvette harmonic balancer issues

Bad harmonic balancer symptoms include engine vibrations, unusual noises, an illuminated check engine light, and a noticeable wobble while the engine is running. You should always replace a faulty harmonic balancer right away because it can cause serious damage to the serpentine belt and engine-driven accessories.

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  1. have a question in regards to a 2003 C5 Corvette LS1 that I installed in a build of a 57 Chevy that has the complete C5 drivetrain in car including the torque tube & C5 rear end & Tremec 6 spd out back. during the install of a GM Hot cam I made a major mistake not realizing harmonic balancer needed to be indexed marked which is only priority in the C5 Corvette. My question is what if any Problems might arise if any ? I drove the car for the first time last week & it ran Great the first few times out then on the last time out it started to misfire & run terrible. My main concern is that when I pulled into garage I notice a slight rattle sound from the front of torque tube where throw out bearing is located. Dropped inspection cover & all is new & everything checked out fine. I was told it probably was bearing in front of torque tube. I pulled complete drivetrain & all bearings are in excellent condition. I was just wondering if somehow the Balancer Problem has come back to bite me & what fix if any I might need to correct if there might be a resonance from the balancer transferring back to the torque tube. any & all help would be appreciated

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